More People You'll See at Summer Concert Festivals

A couple days ago, I posted a fun game you can play at summer music festivals. It eventually turned into a a list of types of people you'll see at the festivals. In the interest of completeness, I compiled some more categories of what people will be wearing - however, I couldn't come up with a guess as to who they will be seeing. Bonus points to you if you can figure it out.

Thousands and Thousands of Ironic/Nostalgic T-Shirts

Seriously, you will see every ironic/nostalgic t-shirt you've ever seen, as well as some new ones. Just by the sheer numbers, there is no way to guess who these people will be seeing.

Outlandish Coordinated Outfits

I think the main purpose of this is to identify the people they came with (and to be weird). Some of the notable examples of this I saw at Sasquatch!:
  • Red and white striped Waldo shirts.
  • Superhero costumes*
  • Gold sequined clothing
* During Mike Birbiglia's set, a conga-line of people dressed as superheroes - Batman, Spiderman, the entire set of Power Rangers, among others - made its way through the Rumpus Room crowd and exited as quickly as they came. It most circumstances, this would qualify as surreal, but it's kind of expected behavior at Sasquatch!.

The Corporate Shill Douchebag

Pretty much this guy (at least I hope he's there to sell Rockstar and didn't actually have this in his wardrobe):

Green Man!

It appears Green Man is ubiquitous now. Though the Green Man I saw had an opening for the face, so I had to deduct points.

Green Man's Cousin Who Took Too Much Acid And Now Sees Everything In Weird Colors

Fun Fact: This bodysuit was manufactured by Fila! Evidently they thought there would be a market for this thing.

Adults Wearing Babies

This is more common than you'd think.

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  1. i think the waldo shirts are pretty common hipster garb. i know i've seen members of the dandys wearing them. not sure if they were the full-blown red and white, but waldo shirts nonetheless.

    and as much as it pains me to admit, i am so sick of the greenman suits. that was one of the best ideas in tv history, and the episodes that featured it were absolutely amazing...but all these dumbasses going around wearing greenman suits (like those douche hockey fans?) are just annoying. it's the same feeling i get when rick reilly writes about some 2-year-ago youtube craze.